Data protection

1. Responsible for data protection

Institute for Legal Issues of Free and Open Source Software (ifrOSS)

Bredowstr 3
10551 Berlin

2 What personal data do we collect and what is the legal basis for this?

Only for those who have registered we have their data stored, i.e. name and e-mail address. We also have the name and email address of those who sent  emails to us. Otherwise we do not collect any personal data, in particular we do not use cookies or "social media" stuff. Our hoster is domainfactory GmbH, which stores IP addresses; we do not know whether we may have access to them. As far as we know, the logs and web statistics do not allow us to identify website visitors.

The legal basis is the notorious GDPR, namely Art. 6 para. 1 letter f) GDPR.

3. Do we pass on personal data to third parties?


4 How can I have my personal data deleted?

The (few - if you subtract the spam) people who have registered can send a deletion request to the email address or postal address mentioned above under 1. We will then delete and send a confirmation. However, email messages received by us cannot be deleted.