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Institute for Legal Questions on Free and Open Source Software


GNOME Foundation legt Patentstreit bei

von Florian Idelberger

Die GNOME Foundation hatte im Oktober letzten Jahres gegen den Anspruch einer Patentverwertungsgesellschaft (RPI) Wiederspruch eingelegt, und beantragte damals den Anspruch abzuweisen. Dabei ging es um das Fotoverwaltungstool ‚Shotwell‘, und das Patent "Wireless image distribution system and method"  (US 9,936,086). Dessen Durchsetzung wurde zuvor auch schon von Technologiefirmen wie Netgear erfolgreich abgewehrt. » Weiter

EU Kommission stärkt freie Software – und das EU Parlament gibt 1 Million Euro für die Überprüfung von Freien und Offenen Programmen frei

von Florian Idelberger


Zum Jahresende gab es noch etwas Erfreuliches zu berichten aus der Open Source Landschaft.

Schon lange wird freie und offene Software auch in Regierungen und anderen öffentlichen Stellen eingesetzt, auf verschiedenste Art und Weise. Wie sieht es jedoch aus, wenn eine öffentliche Institution Veränderungen und Verbesserungen vornimmt und deren IT Personal diese Änderungen gerne zurückgeben will? » Weiter

What is ‚open‘? – Version 2 of the Open Definition of the Open Knowledge Foundation published

What is ‘open’? This might seem like a theoretical question, but it is not. While the term ‘open’ is widely used, it can have very different interpretations, depending on the context. Especially in the Open Source and Free Software community, this has led to huge debates in the past.

The latest news item in this regard is the publication of version 2 of the Open Definition by the Open Knowledge Foundation. » Weiter

FOSS or not? - source and license auditing project for TrueCrypt disk encryption software

By: Florian Idelberger

TrueCrypt, a major open source project that is widely used and of a very special nature due to its use for encrypting data, has, compared to other big projects, received relatively little scrutiny so far. The "istruecryptauditedyet" project aims to change that. » Weiter

Google´s VP8 Patent Cross License Agreement: not as unencumbered as it seems?

by Sylvia F. Jakob

Google wishes to establish VP8 as a widely deployed video format on the Internet. To assist companies and developers in the adoption and use of VP8, Google is proposing a royalty-free patent cross license for VP8 technology: the VP8 Patent Cross License Agreement and invites interested parties to provide feedback on its terms.


VP8 is a video compression format, first released by On2 Technologies on 13th September, 2008. It was acquired by Google on 2nd February 2010. » Weiter

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency Advisory Ruling on Open Source Software defines Country of Origin for Purposes of Government Procurement

Von: Sylvia F. Jakob

On Thursday, 6th December, 2012, Talend, a global open source software provider, announced a favourable advisory ruling from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency (CBP)  in relation to the government's ability to purchase open source software that was developed and substantially transformed in a designated country, but also included, or was based upon, source code from a non-designated country.

Whilst every country addresses rules around how its government entities can procure goods and services, the U.S. has particularly complex and unique laws in this area.  » Weiter

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