Revisiting Top System

Florian Idelberger

Just this past Wednesday, the European Court of Justice handed down a judgement in the case C-13/20 Top System on the right to decompilation by a purchaser of software to fix errors, which was discussed here previously in the context of the right to repair. Read More...

Distribution of Dockerfiles: Who is responsible for FOSS Licence Compliance?


Litigation on LibreOffice Derivative in Russian Courts

Dr. Till Jaeger
Special legal challenges with regard to free and open source software have occurred in Russian law.

Source-available licenses - Elastiscsearch and SSPL

Florian Idelberger
Time and time again, companies have struggled with their licensing. It has often been a challenge for companies to find a business model that enables them to make money, but still provide truly open-source software. That said, the precise economics are often not verifiable as it is also possible that at some point a pivot to a more closed license is simply an enabler to achieve higher market share, whereas in other cases it is about survival.